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AMC Permanent Cosmetics & Wellness offers hand made aromatherapy products for you to love and enjoy.  

Products are made in small batches, using only the finest ingredients and best essential oils.

Anna is certified in Aromatherapy and has always enjoyed creating and making her own products. 

Here at the studio we have a wonderful selection available and now you can buy them here

on our website.

Photo Canvases and all note cards are produced with photographs Anna has taken. 

Proceeds from them go directly to the Eric Medeiros Memorial Fund

to benefit food pantries and animal rescue.

Please allow 5-7 days for processing and shipping your order, some products are made to order.   We plan on using USPS for all shipping needs, "if it fits it ships", to keep costs as low as possible. 

Any questions, please call the studio at

Phone :  401-944-3242

Fax :        401-944-3425

or you can email us at


Online Store is new for us, please be patient as we load and update more.    Thanks

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