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Permanent Brow Client

Just wanted to let everyone know, how absolutely happy I am with my permanent brows. This has saved me so much time in the morning and always worrying if the pencil or powder I used to fill them in would fade throughout the day. No more worrying and my friends say I look younger.

So happy I found Anna. She is patient, kind and really is focused on what is best for you.

I had the two step process done, and I could not be happier.

Call now to get yours, trust me !!!

Angela Burch

Scituate, RI

Message from client who had lip liner and lip shading done:

Hi Anna

I woke up thrilled, they look beautiful. I don’t have any pain. They don’t feel much different than when I’ve had a Margarita with a thickly salted rim!! I have a good lip balm with olive oil it in it that is helping with the dryness.

I’m so happy that I took the risk to have this procedure done. You were a perfect match for what I needed, both cosmetically and spiritually. You managed to infuse some of your own spiritual energy into me.

I’ll see you soon


Stonington, CT

Before Procedure

Right After Procedure

Right After with protective ointment. 


Permanent Cosmetics by Anna

Services for Men and Women available

After training with top instructors in this field, Anna has developed her own style and techniques incorporating her artistic eye, to provide a natural , soft 3 Dimensional effect.

Using soft effect and hair stroke technique will enhance your brows and your look most naturally. They are the most realistic, perfect, hassle-free eyebrows you have ever desired.

Permanent makeup is for making you feel your best at any age. The most natural cosmetic technique just for YOU, making you look and feel radiant and confident. Choose what is right for you, beautiful natural looking brows, soft seductive eyeliner, natural lip color and more. Even a simple beauty mark can be done.

Choose what is right for YOU, enhance your look but never look overdone.

Permanent Cosmetics is perfect for the busy person who:

Has little to no time to apply makeup, those who like to wake up made up

Want eyebrows that are even and natural looking

Fading or uneven lip line

Men and women with scars from surgery, trauma or accidents

Women who are allergic to some cosmetics, have watery eyes from allergies

Men and women who suffer from thinning brows due to alopecia

Men with loss of hairline or thinning wanting hair simulation for fill in sparse areas.

Those with medical conditions that cause their hands to shake.

Areola re-pigmentation after breast reconstruction/cancer

Skin needling to vanish wrinkles, help reduce scars, and improve appearance of skin

Micro-pigmentation to help camouflage skin discolorations due to injury, surgery, burns, etc.

Eyelash extensions also Available!!!!  

             Contact Now to schedule your consultation. Then wake up, made up

What is 3 dimensional permanent eyebrow makeup?

This technique is done in two sessions. The first session, will include proper position, arch, and location of the brow. The proper pigment shade, to work and match with your existing skin tone. Client is always involved in the whole process and approves final design. Then a soft powdery effect will be done on both brows, some hair strokes may already be done. At the second session, the soft hair strokes are added and blended in for the most natural appearance. Client will be provided with aftercare instructions and proper ointment to use at home.

How long does permanent makeup last?

Permanent means permanent. But there are factors that can effect how yours will last, sun exposure, skin exfoliation, anti-aging products all can cause fading. It is recommended to always use a sun screen and avoid scrubbing area too much. More information will be available at your consultation.

Does permanent makeup hurt?

Permanent Makeup procedures do hurt, but with the use of proper anesthetics (local numbing creams) you will be made as comfortable as possible.  

You comfort is top priority.

During the session anesthetics gels are continuously being used between needle passes, to make you comfortable. 

What is the Healing time ?

15 - 30 days, varies from person to person, and if aftercare instructions are followed properly. You can go about your day to day activities immediately.

Have a question about Pricing ?

Permanent Makeup prices start at $100 and up. One Follow up visit is included in all permanent makeup services.

If you still are not sure, and have more questions, I suggest you come in for a free consultation before scheduling your permanent cosmetics service.

Procedures like hair simulation, skin needling, skin camouflage and corrective cosmetics are charged per visit. 

Before and After pictures ?

Here you will find a sample of my work, I have more available at the studio. To respect the privacy of my clients, I only post cropped photos here, and I only show in photo albums those that have given me written permission to show to the public. 

Please Note : for all lip procedures


BEFORE THE PROCEDURE! Please bring medication with you for confirmation.

See slide show below for






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